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Gordon * Johnson the Rally winer - pictures

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>It raises some questions about why there was no rally
>representative from the USA and who should have been there.

>Doug Woods

I can't see where an American rally representative would have a chance to get the exposure that Gordon and Rookie J Johnson would get. Besides, the Nascar drivers are PROFESSIONAL drivers, racing 30+ times a year.

Looking at the left of my window, here, at the 2002 final standings, I see the first possible choice as Paul Choinere, who didn't have that remarkable a year. Rhys Millen wasn't really quite there either, and has only one win (did he ever win before the 2002 season?) as well.

The best bang for the buck is the team that represented the USA, while the reach out to many many more homes and race fans couldn't have been accomplished by a more popular group as a pair of Nascar drivers.
>We've often referred to Jeff Gordon as "The Whiner" as well.
That makes him welcome on SS forums then?
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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