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this was posted by jandrieni in the flame bait thread i feel it is very important to read and was lost in the fight. there is some very good news in there and it made me very hopefull. as i have said before DCH and JB Niday are very deserving of our trust.

jandrieni wrote:

"JB and two reps from M360 attended the last Sno*Drift organizers meeting. They have already spent time in Montmorencey county looking at our roads and facilities(how many times have Steve Johnson or the BoD done the same?). The attitude of all involved parties was that they were here to help us with our needs. M360 has some very good ideas regarding our event. They realize that progress must be incremental and wish to help us achieve realistic goals. No one is going to "take over". The approach is to address each rally's needs and tailor M360's involvement to those needs.
I believe the partnership will be good for EVERYONE involved with our sport, from the lowest budget privateer to workers, organizers, and sponsored teams. RA & M360 plan to have expanded TV crews at all events, so that they may cover ALL cars without having to shoot the first 5 cars and move. They have asked us for good spots to set up cameras. Does that sound like same ol', same ol'?

RA wants to make rally more accessable, more widely known, and, ultimately, make a profit(and there is nothing wrong with that). Doug Havir and JB Niday are both rallyists and successful businessmen. This, and the true support of our sanctioning body, are what the sport has needed for years. Now we have it."
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