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Notice who finished first at the Australian CART "race"?

Our own Gail Truess !

And the CART drivers radioed her to slow down.

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RE: CART in Australia = SCCA Club Racing

The CART "race" reminded me of the last SCCA Club Race I ran. Some wimp steward decided racing in the rain at Brainerd Int'l Raceway was unsafe because a couple of cars spun out on the drag racing staging area, so cancelled the race. Some drivers whined that they needed the "race" for regional points, so workers were forced to stand out in the rain while the cars paraded around behind until half scheduled distance so it could be called an official race.

I chose not to participate in that farce because I had come prepared with treaded tires and expected to do well in the wet in my Saab 99.

I quit SCCA racing, and dropped SCCA membership for several years, after that idiocy.

Some of the ProRally decisions this year reminded me of why I "love" SCCA so much.

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Gail was driving the car that was the first to see the checkered flag. I don't think she was scored as the winner though because she actually sat in the pits a few laps while it wasn't raining as hard. In other words, she drove the pace car. :)

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RE: Girls kick butt

From the SPEED TV website:
Seven laps had been run under a green flag, and those would remain the only seven laps of racing all afternoon...

...The rain kept falling, and Gail Truess continued to lead the field at reduced speed in the Honda Integra Pace Car. Meanwhile, with darkness impending, CART?s race operations staff was in frenzied discussion about when to put an end to everyone?s misery...

..."The pace car won today," quipped Carpentier, who made a big jump to fourth in the CART standings. "For sure, it?s not like winning a race they led, but it?s still a race win. You have to take them when they come and they got one today."

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