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Getting SCCA license - how

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OK, so I'm doing my first SCCA Clubrally on June 7 (Dryad)...

Do I need to get SCCA membership & license before then, or can I just sign up at the event.

And how much is it going to be? Looks like:

$55 reg.member national dues + $ ?? reg.member regional dues + $75 clubrally license

Anything else, minus the actual entry fee?
I don't have to buy any stupid stickers to play in ClubRally do I?


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There is a loophole on the club rally license.

Theoretically, you don't have to have club rally license until you have the requirements to change from seed 8 to 7, and want to do so. However, you need to be a current SCCA member.

There is nothing in the rules that forbid one from attending the seminar at each event he/she participates, and gets the temporary license. The rules mandate that seed 8 drivers must attend the seminar anyway.

Once you have the requirements to go to seed 7, than you apply for the license and request the seed change.

If you feel that your experience, skills and most important objective are satisfied as a seed 8, you can continue to attend the seminars for as many rallies as you want.

Obviously, no one does that, but it's possible with the current rules.

This is what I did, and is what most of other rookies do:
1. Become a member of SCCA early enough to have your membership number on hand when you fill out your first club rally entry form.
2. Take a filled out license form to your first rally, and ask the steward to sign it.

Later, and good luck on your 1st event,

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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