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Getting SCCA license - how

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OK, so I'm doing my first SCCA Clubrally on June 7 (Dryad)...

Do I need to get SCCA membership & license before then, or can I just sign up at the event.

And how much is it going to be? Looks like:

$55 reg.member national dues + $ ?? reg.member regional dues + $75 clubrally license

Anything else, minus the actual entry fee?
I don't have to buy any stupid stickers to play in ClubRally do I?


Skye Poier
Seattle, WA

Vive le Prole-le-Ralliat!

Black Rocket Rally Tires
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Hi Skye,

Having gone through this recently, I'll fill in some of the blanks :

- you have to have attended an approved rally school or safety seminar before you can apply for a ClubRally licence (presumably this is why you can run yor first rally _without_ a ClubRally licence - since as Bruce pointed out, it's kind of a Catch 22 situation : in general, you need a licence for rally, but newbies have to attend the safety seminar before the rally to be able to apply for a licence).

- all rallies have a safety seminar beforehand for newbies

- even though you don't need a ClubRally licence for your first event, you do need to be an SCCA member if it's an SCCA event

- SCCA regional dues vary by region, but generally are around $15

- to apply for a ClubRally licence, you are also supposed to submit a medical questionnaire with your licence application - half of which has to be filled out by a doctor. (the medical questionnaire can be downloaded from the Forms section of the SCCA website).

- though tech inspectors will sometimes tell you that you need to run the visual ID package, in fact for ClubRally you do NOT. you only need to have your names (and blood type ?) on the car. Note though, that if you run just one sticker of the visual ID package, you have to run the whole lot - in for a penny, in for a pound.

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