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OK, so I'm doing my first SCCA Clubrally on June 7 (Dryad)...

Do I need to get SCCA membership & license before then, or can I just sign up at the event.

And how much is it going to be? Looks like:

$55 reg.member national dues + $ ?? reg.member regional dues + $75 clubrally license

Anything else, minus the actual entry fee?
I don't have to buy any stupid stickers to play in ClubRally do I?


Skye Poier
Seattle, WA

Vive le Prole-le-Ralliat!

Black Rocket Rally Tires

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It would probably be good to be a MEMBER before the event ($75) but it's not absolutely necessary. You can't get your LICENSE before the event, because you qualify for it by taking the beginner course at the event...then you get a free license for the weekend.

More importantly, your CAR needs to be logbooked and have its annual inspection current before the event. We seem to get a lot of panicky calls on this subject on the Wednesday before each event.

Fortunately, you're looking into all this stuff somewhat earlier than many people do :)

Call your ClubRally Steward...he has all your answers...that's why they pay him the big bucks...

CenDiv ClubRally Steward

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Hi Skye,

Having gone through this recently, I'll fill in some of the blanks :

- you have to have attended an approved rally school or safety seminar before you can apply for a ClubRally licence (presumably this is why you can run yor first rally _without_ a ClubRally licence - since as Bruce pointed out, it's kind of a Catch 22 situation : in general, you need a licence for rally, but newbies have to attend the safety seminar before the rally to be able to apply for a licence).

- all rallies have a safety seminar beforehand for newbies

- even though you don't need a ClubRally licence for your first event, you do need to be an SCCA member if it's an SCCA event

- SCCA regional dues vary by region, but generally are around $15

- to apply for a ClubRally licence, you are also supposed to submit a medical questionnaire with your licence application - half of which has to be filled out by a doctor. (the medical questionnaire can be downloaded from the Forms section of the SCCA website).

- though tech inspectors will sometimes tell you that you need to run the visual ID package, in fact for ClubRally you do NOT. you only need to have your names (and blood type ?) on the car. Note though, that if you run just one sticker of the visual ID package, you have to run the whole lot - in for a penny, in for a pound.


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Piers, AudiUrQ, writes:

>- SCCA regional dues vary by region, but generally are
>around $15

NW Region is $20/yr. That is typical these days. There are a few regions that charge more, there are a few that charge less. Wherever it may be, try to support your local region. You will be amazed what contacts can be made. There may not be a rally program, but there may be folks who can help a rally team.

>- to apply for a ClubRally licence, you are also supposed to
>submit a medical questionnaire with your licence application
>- half of which has to be filled out by a doctor. (the
>medical questionnaire can be downloaded from the Forms
>section of the SCCA website).

I have not yet renewed my license for this year. Last time I did, there were certain medical conditions that required an annual physical exam, but that would be for the minority of license holders. For most of us, the questionnaire should be adequate to satiate the insurance flunkies (please note that I have utmost respect for Pete Lyons, the SCCA insurance guru). If things have changed, I probably need to know about it as both rally organizer and competitor.

>- though tech inspectors will sometimes tell you that you
>need to run the visual ID package, in fact for ClubRally you
>do NOT. you only need to have your names (and blood type ?)
>on the car

Please do not put blood types on your car or your driver's suit. You are supposed to have it on your helmet (although I do not know if that does much good. It was a rule to have it on the car and the suit at one time, it no longer is). You do not have to have the ID package for ClubRally events that are not run in conjunction with ProRally events, but it is a sharp-looking package and costs, what, $50 for your multi-thousand dollar investment for a rally car. Organizers do not always have the numbers/decals you need at a ClubRally event, so investing in the much-aligned visual ID package looks good for you and good for the sport. It will look good in the pictures that *will* be posted on the internet.


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There is a loophole on the club rally license.

Theoretically, you don't have to have club rally license until you have the requirements to change from seed 8 to 7, and want to do so. However, you need to be a current SCCA member.

There is nothing in the rules that forbid one from attending the seminar at each event he/she participates, and gets the temporary license. The rules mandate that seed 8 drivers must attend the seminar anyway.

Once you have the requirements to go to seed 7, than you apply for the license and request the seed change.

If you feel that your experience, skills and most important objective are satisfied as a seed 8, you can continue to attend the seminars for as many rallies as you want.

Obviously, no one does that, but it's possible with the current rules.

This is what I did, and is what most of other rookies do:
1. Become a member of SCCA early enough to have your membership number on hand when you fill out your first club rally entry form.
2. Take a filled out license form to your first rally, and ask the steward to sign it.

Later, and good luck on your 1st event,


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Sky, Here in the NW I have found it best to get my membership and my licnece at the event. I try to get everything early via Kansas but every time it gets messed up one way or the other, last time rather than getting my spouse membership and licence they just kept a credit in my account for my wife's part of the fees until I called and got it all worked out some months later. Oh by the way I had to call 14 times, I left a message everytime, until I got someone live to work with.


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A few details:

An SCCA membership is now $75...$20 goes to the Region, whether they like it or not. This is a new policy.

Taking the rookie school enables you to run THAT WEEKEND without a license. This is a one-time thing...if the rulebook somehow implies that you can get more than one freebie, it's wrong. You have to have a "real" license for your second event.

You can certainly sit in on the rookie school before you're ready to get your license...and some people with licenses sit in occasionally for a refresher. I'll be doing a class at Rim next weekend, if anybody's interested.

Only the front half of the medical questionaire needs to be filled out...and no doctor is required...UNLESS your answers to some of the questions require a physical. Then the second page of the questionaire needs to be submitted with a doctor's signature.

CenDiv ClubRally Steward

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I just called SCCA licensing on friday. The call went right thru and the person I talked to was polite and helpful. She did mention that most of the staff was new. Maybe there has been some rearranging or some more people added. All my questions were answered quickly.

What Bruce said about medical. No Dr. physical necessary unless you don't pass the written.

Dick Fuhrman
Nat. license soon
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