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Just a reminder to potential competitors that Sept. 1 (Wednesday) is the cut-off for the early entry for the Galway Cavendish Forest Rally.
Admittedly, it is only $15 saving, but your early (or timely) entry will assist the organizers.
Right now, the tentative starting order has Morgan Caton first on the road.
Event Web Page: [http://gcfr.pmsc.on.ca/]
US Group 5 Competitors should check the incentives for entering this event

To those familiar with the road, there have been some changes that will make
for some interesting decisions about lines. Some corners now offer
opportunities similar to the Cleveland airport circuit.

Event Registrar:

Peter Watt V (705) 749-0563
523 Bolivar St. F (705) 749-9879
Peterborough Ont.
K9J 4R5 pwatt at sympatico.ca
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