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The Peterborough Motorsports Club, (PMSC) organizers of Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally 2006, are pleased to announce the inclusion of Classic and Post Classic Divisions for the event. The rally will be held August 19, 2006 based in Catchacoma, Ontario, two hours north of Toronto.

The Classic Division is for vehicles built in 1981 or earlier. The
Post Classic Division is for cars that are a minimum of twenty years old.

Classic and Post Classic Division vehicles will enter the rally under their regular RSO/CARS/RA/NASA classes but be scored as either Classic or Post Classic. Each car must have a log book and the roll cage must conform to its issuing body. See the CARS/RSO website for the information you will need.

The GCFR will definitely score the Classic Division. The Post Classic Division will only be scored if it has two or more entries.

Classic and Post Classic Division group entrants will be scored
on a "Run what ya brung" basis.

GCFR is a unique event and opportunity to show off the cars of yesterday.

Rob Mackenzie - Organizer GCFR
Pete Gulliver – Organizer Classic Division
Jeff Lantz - Organizer Classic Division.
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