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I'm still available to co-drive for the Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally on August 24. Any takers?

The highlights of me:

- CARS National co-driver licence
- co-drove for two performance rallies (2002 Sawmill & Black Bear), both in Group 2 cars
- Canadian Ham licence (don't have a radio, though)
- some navigational rally experience (approx. 10-15 events, plus worker experience)
- attended the 2000 RallySport Ontario co-driver school
- Terraphone Pro intercom headset (also compatible with Terraphone Clubman intercom system)

Your best bet for reaching me is by phone: (905) 954-0772 (evenings) or by email: [email protected] . I'm located in Newmarket, ON.

Hopefully someone will take me up on this offer. If not, I'll be the one outside rally HQ with the "will co-drive for food" sign.

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