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G2 EVO 8?

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Maine entry shows Thomas Lawless G2 in an EVO 8? Please explain.
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I assumed so but ya never know..
Well knowing Tom. He may have taken the turbo off and the rear drive shaft out for the hell of it just to have a little fun or as he would say a wee bit of fun. CHRIS PUTZIER #963
...or maybe it could be last years G2 championship winning Mitsu on steroids, ever see pics of the Colt in EVO trim that was being tested?

Sometimes ya just got to laugh, like Sidney on M.A.S.H. would say,
"Sometimes you just got to pull down your pants and slide on the ice"

Isn't Mitsu bringing a Evo inspired Lancer here this fall? 2wd, 180hp w/Evo bits. I can't seem to find anything about it on a website but swear I read about it somewhere. I think it's called the Lancer Ralliart edition? Not to be confused with the current "OZ Edition" which was just a trim level.

Could be a good basis for a G2 car if they do.

See ya'll at Maine!


Matthew Johnson
It was featured in Sport Compact Mag. In the month that came with the SCCA Rally insert.
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