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If this has been mentioned in a past thread, accept my apologies for duplicating that.

In perusing the June 2003 Sports Car, on page F133, I see a notice for positions avialable for various saftery stewards and postions on the safety committee. Experience in spectator safety is one of the desired ares of interest and experience.

This was written well before the recent accident, so there obviously has been concern, thought, and discussion on-going on this subject. It may be fortunate, as that may lessen the timespan of the stand-alone ClubRally suspension.

Many of us are displeased and very worried over the suspension, and feel that we are not being taken care of by our club. While we carry those thoughts along, let us also give credit where credit is due on the thinking about this problem that has been done by the club.

FYI and thoughts,
Mark B.
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