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THUNDER ROAD 2022, an SCCA National Touring Rally.

With prices the way they are, we take our responsibility to provide you with a fun and exciting rally very seriously. We have searched diligently to find you the prettiest roads we could, and to get you out of civilization as much as possible. We will be running the best roads in the San Gabriel and Tehachapi mountains, the Antelope Valley and the vineyards, farms, orchards and hills of Kern County. We've chosen to start the rally about an hour north of Los Angeles, so that you're onto good rally roads as soon as you leave the Start.

The Route Instructions for this event will use a simple Monte Carlo format, meaning you get turn-by-turn directions, AND you get your target time at each Checkpoint. All Timed Checkpoints are listed in the Route Instructions, and all are referenced by prominent signs on the course. The rally is a little over 250 miles long and you will have 7 and a half hours of driving nirvana with many breaks for gas, food, and rest stops. Rallymaster is Joe Akerman.

The object of this event is to enjoy driving sweeping, beautiful, challenging back roads at legal speeds while following simple directions in order to pass a series of Checkpoints at just the right time.

There is no need for advanced math, no riddles, compasses, maps or gimmicks, just glorious roads to drive with a focus on precision and accuracy. This is a team sport -- driver and navigator must work together to get it right. Only 2 people are allowed per car on SCCA National rallies.

There are no preset average speeds, just run at the posted speed limits (rally is timed at least 2 mph BELOW those limits and has pauses where needed). If you reach a timed Checkpoint early, you can pull over, out of traffic lanes, and either creep, or stop and wait for your target time to pass by the Checkpoint.

We will be using the Richta GPS Competitor app for timing and scoring. This app is FREE and easy to use on any GPS-enabled smartphone or other device. Go to the App Store or Google Play Store or Richta Rally and download it. There is no need for additional timing equipment; your Official Time shows in the app!

This event has been designed to be extremely EV friendly. There are charging stations at the Start, at lunch, and at the morning and afternoon breaks.

Please register online at msreg.com/tr22. It's free to sign up and very easy to use. Registration fee is $65 per car. There�s a $15 discount for SCCA members.

There will also be rally day registration will be at the Hampton Inn, 5601 Outlets at Tejon Pkwy, Arvin, CA 93203. (Sorry, but we will not be able to accept credit cards at Registration. Please use the MSR website to pay by credit card.)

This is an SCCA National Tour Rally sponsored by the Into the Night Rally Team. Trophies will be awarded to the top teams in Classes E (Equipped), L (Limited equipment), S (Stock), G (GPS driven rally computers) and N (Novice � 3 or fewer previous rallies).

More Info can be found at www.itnrally.org and on our Into the Night Rally Team Facebook page. For any questions or more detailed information, contact Joe at [email protected] or call or text 310 350 1360.
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