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For sale, PPG Subaru Dog Box (6 speed case with 5 gear set).

Properly set clutch type STi front LSD
Electronic center Differential
1st to 5th Straight Cut Dog Set (Group N Rally) for Subaru WRX 6 speed
The PPG 1st to 5th set to suit 6 speed WRX gearbox is fully FIA Group N rally compliant. Commonly used by top Group N rally vehicles as well as track day, circuit racing and Autocross cars. This set has been behind podium finishing cars in Rally of New Zealand, China Rally, Asia Pacific Rally, Japan Rally and Rally America.
Ratios: 3.33/2.384/1.750/1.33/1.04
Horsepower Rating: 800 flywheel hp

$7,000 picked up. Location near Middletown, NY.

I have a matching rear and GEMS dccd as well if desired.
mattgottlieb1 at gmail dot com
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