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Selling this as I had 2 kids and I won't be able to rally again for a while.

- Peltor Helmet, manufactured January 2013, used for 2 rallies before I had to stop. In pristine condition if I do say so myself. SA2010 and FIA spec. Medium size. $400 CDN

- HANS device, FIA 2002 spec. I replaced the straps in 2010 after an off, but the straps were equal in length to the old ones anyways. In great condition. Medium size. $400 CDN.

All prices are plus shipping naturally. Please check the pictures if you have questions, they should answer everything https://goo.gl/photos/khRdv8PQJfYw6kpx9

I don't visit this forum much, so please email me at [email protected] if you're interested.
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