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I have two Pectal C2 ECUs, Group N , unlocked with tuning cable and all needed software
one was just serviced by Pectal it has a base map only
one has a tune in it for a 34mm VF34 2.0 spec C motor
These are 5 pin ECUs for throttle cable, they have all motorsport functions
such as ,anti lag,launch control,water/methanol injection control,AVCS control,DCCD control,data logging, here is a link to a
PDF with the full description of them
They are $3300 US dollars new
selling for $1800 OBO each
Please email doug at racetechnik dot com
or call the shop at 480 655 7475
I can send pics of the units
These units need to be installed by a professional ,they run on MAP sensor and Intake air temp sensor, FOR MOTORSPORTS ONLY

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