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Hello old family of friends,
I'm selling my 1997/2005/2007/2015 "Subaru of America, Inc." "Impreza" "STi".

I do have a price range in mind but will not be letting it go for anywhere near the "1997 Subaru Impreza" $800-$3k Kelley Blue Book/Rally Community market value.

If someone is willing to acknowledge the cost of a new build with similar parts and would like to make an offer similar to that cost they are more than welcome to. Otherwise it will be parted out

Full spreadsheet and pictures are available to serious buyers. Small summary is as follows indicating just some of the $25,448 spent to get it to where it is today. Additional short story telling can be found on my S-Sport page.

If you have any further questions feel free to email me

•2010 purchased the vehicle in stock form from Shawn Watson with RetroRoo - $1,300
•2011 Subaru 2 and 4 pot calipers - $650
•2012 - JVAB coil overs - $2,200
•2013 caged by Grant Hughes and Scott McCarty at Rally.Build - $2,250
•2013 Cobra Sebring and OMP Racing HTE seats from Bryan Short with Rocky Mountain Autosports, Inc. - $2,030
•2014 - '07 STi transmission from Zach Fothergill with ZF Design. It had <$6k miles and fully rebuilt when installed - $3,914
•2015 Hydraulic handbrake tied into Center Diff $420
•2017 had the following installed - $6,664
-2004 STi ECU
-1997/2004 STi harness merger done by iWire Wiring Services
-2005 WRX 2.5l engine purchased from Allen Stewart at Subie Recycler and installed by Todd Briley at The Subie Doctor
-VF48 Turbo
-2015 STi itercooler
-2015 STi steering rack
-with tons of other parts from Jon Cooley at Flatirons Tuning
•2018 Sabelt 6 point harnesses
•2018 Engine cutoff switch with impact sensor $500
•2018 Center dash electrical panel

Other miscellaneous information:
•There are 6 COBB Tuning Access port maps for it, 3 with the restrictor and 3 without. Tuning was done by Harvey Epstein at TheBoostCreep Ltd.. Non restricted map is rated for 247 WHP
•Comes 3 sets of wheels, 2 sets have fairly "new" tyres with one event on each but dating back to 2018. - $2,430
•Full aluminum underbody skid plates from, excluding transmission - $1,120
•Truck loads of other miscellaneous Subaru parts
•Monit G-200+ GPS tachometer $700
•2013 Stilo USA WRC open face helmet $870
•2013 Stilo WRC DES intercom $400

There were many, many amazing deals given by every one of these individuals mentioned. No way I could have done it without their endless support.

It's had a Rally America log book since 2013

It has competed in Colorado Hill Climb Association events, was the 0 car at the 2018 Rally America Rally Colorado, 2019 one ice race and who knows how many SCCA Inc. Colorado RallyCross events. Always garage kept, with minor rusting due to the silly ice race.

Only current issue is it overheats which happened in the last event it completed which was the 2019 American Rally Association Rally Colorado. It's believed to be caused from the AC being put back into the vehicle the day prior to the event since before that it ran like a champ with no issues.

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