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Partied at the show last night, thanks to a sponsor. Sat in the Evo. Pretty nice. They had a fudged together Evo rally showcar with McCrae's and Delacour's names on it. (Tarmac brakes on front and gravel brakes on rear??) Also had a showcar of their Dakar entry.

Subaru had a real WRC car...or at least a LOT closer to one than anything I have ever seen stateside complete with custom subframes underneath and the real deal on everthing visible. It had the new front end on it. Also handing out posters of the SRTUSA. I respectfully declined. :)

Hyundai actually used a snippet of footage of Paul at Pikes Peak on their oversized multimedia screen. No rally cars, but real heavy ricer Tiburon.

Other things of interest are the nearer-to-production Ford GT we have been working on and the Ford Mustang GT showcar. It is phenominal and we are turning it into production now.

The Mazdaspeed Protege gets a subtle update for the next 2000 units...and a new color...'at's about it there.

Every showcar had huge Brembo's on it. Actually they always do, but this year, most of them left the word "Brembo" cast into the side of the calipers. I overheard a Brembo OEM rep saying it is great and something new for them. Before they always had to make plates that said "Ford, Porsche, etc." and mill the Brembo name off. Apparently the companies are using the name as a marketing tool.

That is most of the rally related things I saw. Of course everyone has an ill-handling car built on a SUV type chassis that they purport to be "rally inspired," but we know they all suck.


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I was hoping to see the Dakar-competiting VW Tarek (the rally-prepped version) but I guess the few built are racing...

They did have the W12 racer last year...
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