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The differences between Canadian and US rallying are likely attributable to a number of factors: personality/attitude, litigation regime, rules set etc. I believe that one of the more important of these is sanctioning body.

I think CDN rallying benefited enormously from the ASN/CASC imbroglio about 15 yrs ago in that we now have CARS - an organization which concerns itself only with rallying (and now targa).

Your disassociation with SCCA south of the border is an exciting opportunity to end up in a similar situation.

CARS is in the middle of our annual rules input process - a process which is particularly interesting this year due to increased involvement of competitors and a number of watershed-type rule change proposals. When submitting rule changes, stake holders were asked to provide some rationale to support their proposals. I strongly suspect that "Alignment with SCCA rules" was frequently cited.

If you guys are going to re-write the book, please take a step back and look at the really big picture and do your best to come to some understanding with your fellows north of the border. IMHO the differences between the way we each do things now is close enough, yet far enough apart to be considered a PITA. Common rules set, common membership, common licensing, eliminate the BS.

The executive members of CARS should promote a meeting between themselves and whoever is holding the ball down there and see if they can come to some common ground.

For what it's worth, my own ideal:

While not being the first to do so, I imagine a properly-tiered championship:
(for lack of a better label) CAN-AM - Where the rules set is stable enough and similar enough and the resources are allocated such that the most important level - CAN-AM, receives the bulk of the attention - this is where I would envision the factory and high-end teams competing. A collegiate development system with everyone pulling in a similar direction.

Six events in each country to form the nat'l championships (5 scored out of 6) - three of which in each country that are designated beforehand as forming the six rounds of the CAN-AM championship (also scored 5 out of 6). Regional championships can run whatever combination or sub-set of classes they want. The national championships run P, G2(GpF), G5, N4 & Open. The CAN-AM championship runs N4 & G2(GpF) (or whatever - the rationale being that the big championship - the one that really counts, isn't watered down by a myriad of classes that serve only to confuse - we whittle it down a bit to one 4WD class and one 2WD class - and this shouldn't be a problem, because everyone still has a place to play and if you're serious enough to compete in the CAN-AM Rally Championship, you build and compete in an eligible car.

(This is just my own twisted view - the point of my post is commonality Also, I am aware that I left Mexico out of this - if you have an idea which incorporates them - shoot.)

Robin (bubbling over with enthusiastic fervour in anticipation of cooperation that transcends national borders...waiting to be flamed)

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Hi Robin,

We definitely intend to align more closely with CARS. There's a ton of things that need to be nailed down before LSPR which is looming closer and closer, then we'll have some breathing room to sit back and prioritize the remaining gazillion details that need our attention.


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>We definitely intend to align more closely with CARS.


You might want to consider visiting the Tall Pines Rally (November 19-20) to get a first hand look at Canadian rallying and meet with the CARS people (who will be at the event) at the same time.

Even better, you could bring your rally car with you and compete.

Doug Woods
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