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Doing some spring cleaning and found a bunch of old rally videos.
They were mostly taped off Speedvision in the early 00's so there will be commercials, and a few duplicates of other stuff.

There is a total of 34 videotapes in the box.

Anyone want them for free?
Just pay the shipping and they're yours.

The tapes are:
2000 - Cyprus + Finland (and maybe Ojibwe on the same tape)

2003 - Germany, Finland, Acropolis, Cyprus.

2004 - Germany, Mexico, NZ, Monte, Turkey, Japan, Argentina, Finland, Sweden, France, Wales, Catalunya, Australia and Greece.

2005 - NZ, Mexico, Catalunya, Sweden, Monte, GB, Corsica, Greece, Jap, Turkey, Cyprus.

Unknown year - Turkey.

Random - copies of Worlds Greatest Rally cars, 2000 Review, In-Car Experience I & II

Drop me a line if you want them.

nicktherallyguy at aol dot com.
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