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Perhaps appropo to the US rally scene especially in light of the departure of first Hyundai and now Mitsubishi is what he list as thr no1 thing, now some will suggest that it just so happens that its no1, but I think most writers begin lists with strong points:

WRC scores over F1 in 2003 because there were genuinely more drivers with a chance of taking rally wins.
So the unpredictability of who was going to win rallies was much higher.
Sainz, McRae, Loeb, Duval, Martin, Rovanpera, Gronholm, Panizzi, Burns, Makinen and Solberg were all capable of winning.

And all you out there who check stage times ALL THE WAY down know there are another 25 who can mix into the top 15 or even 10.

That is what has been and continues to be the biggest stumbling block to a truly exciting series in the US, and now with the departure of Mitsubishi, things take another step towards being meaningless exhibition.

Again just in case some people who have a little less broad experience missed the key word, it was UNPREDICTABILITY of WHO among a dozen or more DRIVERS

Gp222 for National Champion class?
(only been pushing this since 1992)

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

Vive le Prole-le-ralliat

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