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Hey boys and girls, long time no see. We missed c2c due to driver error and poor timing on my part. Heard it was great, oh well next time.

Anyhow, if anybody is interested, perhaps the guy with the earlier post, I am possibly selling my talon, and looking for another car, perhaps a '96 + legacy gt.

the talon is a 1992 awd, been dealer maintained since i got it, and has had alot of work done to make it tsd reliable, mind you there were no problems really before, besides the shocks, full brakes, tires, and exhaust, all of which were replaced or repaired and the car has run 3 events without a problem.

As for recent work done, email me [email protected]

Car has 190k, tranny is strong, brakepads are semi ceramic, rotors are slotted, have stainless steel custom skidplate, car is wired for accessory odo, new shocks, welded on light bar with 4 driving lights, 12 rims, 8 tires ( 4 allseasons, 4 winters), and the car is good condition, as i drive it daily now that i have no other cars.

If anyone is interested, or knows of anyone with a '96 + legacy gt for sale, let me know.
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