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I spoke with one of my major sponsors (my dad) this weekend about gauging interest in offering a charter flight frmm some major midwest cities to Gaylord.

The aircraft would have an airspeed of about 200mph and seat 7 or 8 people. Currently, I think we are looking at a Piper Chieftain or a Beech King Air. The Piper is a twin turbocharged piston. The Beech is a twin Turbo Prop. Both are fast, smooth, and free of crying babies, unless you bring your own.


1. No delays at a terminal
2. No luggage checks
3. No security checks
4. Direct flight into Gaylord
5. Leave right after work and not eat another vacation day driving.

The charter service is based out of Ankeny, Iowa.

If there is some interest, I can try to get some pricing worked out and e-mail the information to the interested persons.



admins, if this needs moved, please slide it to the best fitting place. I probably should have put it in Classifieds. sorry & thanks.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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