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Fires started while rallying mean that we probably won't get to use those roads (or roads owned by that landowner) again.

Yes, exhaust systems get hot. By this I'm not just saying the cat, I mean the whole thing. Mom and I worked the end of the practice stage at OT, and the cars kept turning around in the grass instead of the wide spot in the road (relatively speaking, a wide spot); we always went with fire extinguisher and shovel to check the grass, and found it to be crispy and blackened after the cars turned around there. Which is why we made it so the cars later in the day Wednesday and all day Thursday had to turn around in the wash, instead of in the grass.

The cars weren't in the grass much, or for that long; definitely not in the grass up to the cat, just the end of the exhaust.

We can only do whatever it is we can to minimize our effect on the roads and the forests; being extra careful where we park and for how long we let our engines idle, not smoking outside of our cars, keeping a sharp eye out (and nose as well!) for any sign of fire, and quick reporting of such.

Since a few rallies have no choice on the calendar but to run during fire season, we're going to have the potential for fire. If we could run all rallies during the early summer, spring, and winter, we'd be set! :)

Just my $0.02 drachmas.... :)

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