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I know it was a different world 35 years ago, but those of us who were fortunate enough to experience rallying in that era can't help but cherish the memories. Rallying is such a different animal now ...
The movie (which I have seen before) is interesting. However, in many ways it does not document what the event was really like.

For ease of filming, the producers seemed to have spent almost all of their time at the start and finish controls of stages. In addition, they spent a lot of time showing the Mickey Mouse stages at the start and finish of the rally that were nothing more than bashing through mud in some fields and rallycross sites.

The heart of the event were the magnificent forest stages in the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula and the incredible sand trail stages in the Lower Peninsula.

Unfortunately, none of these stages are used anymore (although the rally might have used some of the stages now part of Sno*Drift). Jimmy or Joe would know.

As for our 24 minute victory margin Mike, we opted for a steady but fast paced drive on the rally. When someone beat us on a stage, we ignored it. As the rally got closer to the finish, we did not slow down.

It is really hard to explain to people today what a challenge an event like this was. The route was 1700 miles long with 85 special stages (none of them repeated). Servicing was free (and had to be pre-planned by each team) but due to the strungout nature of the route, you might have to do 5 to 10 stages before a service.

Yes, you are correct. Rallying is a much different animal today. But I do enjoy today's sport and I think today's competitors would have a blast if they ever had the opportunity to do an event like the 1973 POR.

BTW, regarding the comments about Buffum's pace. In 1972, he had crashed out of the POR when in a tight battle for first place with Harry Kallstrom in the works Lancia Fulvia. For 1973, his co-driver Wayne Zitkus claimed that he was going to attach a string to Buffum's family jewels which he would pull whenever he sensed things were close to going wrong. :rolleyes:
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