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>My understanding was that only FIA recognized classes were
>eligible for the RSNA Championship. The list includes FIA A8
>through A1 and N4 through N1, but not SCCA or CARS Open
>Class vehicles.
>3.0 Eligible cars
>- Production Cars (Group N)
>- Touring Cars (Group A) excluding World Rally Cars

>from http://www.cnarally.org/regulations.htm
>This means neither Higgins, nor Pasi are eligible, just the
>Grp N RSNA registered entries (Wyeth was about it, no?).
>Anyone care to confirm this?
>Bill Westhead

I believe Wyeth was second to Scott Fuller in his Group A7 VW Golf kit car, but you'd have to ask the stewards to be sure.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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