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Just need a little clarification. When looking at the rules for Pikes Peak, it states the following:

The current rules, as amended and pub-lished by the SCCA covering this division will be used.

The Chief Steward, along with input from the Technical Director or his/her designee, will have final authority on the eligibility of a vehicle for the SCCA Pro Rally Car Division.

This division is an FIA sanctioned event. All competitors must have an FIA Entrant License (the vehicle) and an FIA Drivers License (the drive/co-driverr).

The 3rd paragraph is the one I don't understand (I'm new at this...). Does this mean that a person with an SCCA ProRally License must also get an FIA License? If so, is that a difficult/expensive thing to do?

See [link:www.ppihc.com/competitors/rulebook.htm|here] for reference.

Thanks, Timo

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I don't know how hard it is now but back in 1986(?) when a friend of mine ran the Olympus "prototype" event, it just took a call and $$ to ACCUS and a USAC license. USAC was our National Authority at the time...

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