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Very nice story on Pat Richard competing on the Rally of Great Britain. We all wish Pat well and are anxious to see how he makes out.

The story states that "This marks the first time that a Canadian driver has been accepted into a modern-era World Rally Championship event outside of North America". I guess this statement is true, depending how one defines the modern-era.

Here in the old farts section, I still consider the 1970s to be the modern era, especially since John Buffum is still winning in the year 2002. So, I would say that Pat is the second Canadian driver to do the above, the first being Jean-Paul Perusse who drove the third factory Saab on the 1976 RAC Rally with John Bellefleur co-driving.

In fact, based on Jean-Paul's performance on the winter rallies in the Canadian Championship the past two years, he and Buffum have shown that they are certainly still very competitive in today's "modern-era" rallies.

Doug Woods
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