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Leslie D. Heine
Falken Tire Corp.

Hi guys! Wanted to give you an update on rally tires! Yes, they are coming! Third quarter of this year (July - Sept), however they may be here sooner. Sorry, there's nothing we can do about the production schedules.

We will most likely distribute the tires ourselves and pricing is yet to be determined.

On a different note...want to invite all of your out to our Drifting event this Sunday, March 2nd. Hit www.driftshowoff.com for more details.

You all would have a great time! Who are the best drifters anyway??? Rally drivers!

Hope to see ya there!

By the way, if you have questions on tires...don't hesitate to hit our web site or to call me direct...800-723-2553. www.falkentire.com

Thanks for your time.

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