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I don't want to detract from Walter's intent on the other post - looking for ideas to quickly drive some additional participants to BRS. But there are a number of issues that are more systemic to what is occuring here in the Northeast and I am interested if it also occurs in other regions?

Like Dave Getchel and the Last Ditch Boys, there are a couple of big factors:

- Scheduling of events: In the Northeast we have the benefit of not only some top SCCA dual events (Maine and STPR) but also the benefit of attending 4 of the 6 National CARS events. Now with RNY and the son of RNY we have even more. The problem is scheduling - if we looked at the possible event calendar last May it was very full. A maximum of 4 weeks seperated each event with the average of only 3 weeks in between. In one situation two events were scheduled on the same weekend Great North Woods and Defi. Events are scheduled so close that you can't make any of them if you sustain any car damage in the previous event, funds are tight or you are trying to stay married. More than likely this is a mixture of all three for most. Is this an issue for everyone on the central or western areas? I say this tongue-in-cheek since I remember 2 years ago when everyone was screaming about the lack of events in the Northeast.

- Notes versus tulips versus Recce: I will find it difficult moving forward to run events that are "blind". I think that either notes and or recce make an event safer and more enjoyable. Given the choice to run an event with or one without I will go to events with. Mark Johnson and I actually talked about this at Baie this year and he understands my rational (or at least that is what he said :))

- Miles per dollar: Always has to be a factor

- Exposure. We are currently courting a number of fairly large US companies (Northeast based of course) and they want to see possible spectators as well as possible TV and media coverage

What are the factors others look at? I have talked with a number of Northeast people about this (Don Kennedy, Dave Shindle, Brian Goss, Vittorio Bares etc.. but what do you flat-landers in the central and or west areas consider?

I like the Lost Boys (errr Last Ditch Boys sorry John and Dave:+) recently returned from St Agathe with a car that needs some work. Add that to the "I need to stay married and 2 events in one month wouldn't help that" factor means that I won't be at BRS.

-Tim Penasack
Wazoo Racing
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