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Transamerica Life Canada honoured for contribution to major contribution to development of CE in Ontario

Insurance company Transamerica Life Canada has been acclaimed as a leading supporter of Canadians with physical disabilities by Ontario March of Dimes (OMOD) in Toronto. The company has been inducted as a Pioneer Member of the OMOD Jonas Salk Circle, which recognises ?those whose major contributions demonstrate courage and make an investment supporting OMOD's capacity to surmount a major challenge facing people with disabilities?.
Transamerica Life Canada has pledged to donate $700,000 to Ontario March of Dimes' Conductive Education Program over three years - representing the largest single corporate gift in OMOD's 51-year history.

Transamerica's 2003 Drive For Life Charity Golf Tournament raised $286,500 on August 26th at Angus Glen Golf and Country Club in Markham Ontario. The 2002 event raised $340,350.

Dr Jonas Salk introduced a vaccine for polio in the mid 1950's, with the help of funding from the March of Dimes. The vaccine the effects of which Andras Peto experiences sometimes remarkable success combating, in Budapest in the early nineteen-fifties.

Transamerica?s donation will make a significant contribution towards achie CE system which includes its own autonomous, home-based university-level conductor-training and research. As an important first step in this OMOD is providing scholarships forCanadians to train to be conductors. Two such have already qualifies from NICE, in Birmingham England, and opportunities to begin in September 2004 are now being advertised.
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