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Leon and I need your help. There was an individual (x(gritting my teeth and being nice) who felt it was necessary to show everyone how powerful his big black truck was. He did this, not by entering the rallycross, but by vandalizing the lawn of the neighbors industrial plaza.

The local authorities are now involved and charges are being pressed against Leon and possibly me for this act.

If this situation is not resolved quickly, the Tombstone Rallycrosses WILL BE CANCELED for the remainder of the year, with little chance of them ever returning.

If anyone who was there knows who this person is, PLEASE contact myself @ [email protected] or (909)224-2114, or Leon at (909)737-0899.

Please don't let one person (again, being nicex() ruin this for everyone. We need your help ASAP.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Gabe Pari - up until now, organizing was fun :'(
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