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Just fishing for opinions here.

As some of you know, my car is a replica of a 1972 Lancia Stratos, being prepared for Solo I fun runs and the occasional tarmac ClubRally (if I can find any). We are admittedly going more for fun and show than anything else. We couln't care less about winning but hopefully we'll increase the awareness of and interest in rallying.

The engines typically fitted to these replicas are the Fiat/Lancia (Lampredi) TC, The Alfa/Lancia V6 and the Ferrari/Lancia V8. The TC is what I have currently. This engine should be perfectly legal for G2 as it has been used in all manner of Lancias from the Beta (8v) to the Delta Integrale (16v)and even the current models. The V6 was used in the Thema (12v), the Kappa (24v) and is currently used in the Thesis. The V8 was only ever used in the Thema 8.32 (unless you want to count the LC2 :D).

While more power is the last thing I need for the car, I might have the chance to pick up a Ferrari V8 for a VERY good price (even less than I was planning to spend for a V6). This engine is about the closest thing you can get to the original Dino V6 without spending obscene amounts of cash. My only concern is that the Lancia and Ferrari versions of the engine, while very similar, were not completely identical. All the information I have found indicates that the block is the same, but many of the internals were different as well as almost all of the ancilary bits, not to mention the transmission. The Ferrari version uses a Pukka transmission (as did the orignal Stratos) but the Lancia version uses a modified Alfa unit (similar to the V6).

Only a a die-hard Lancia enthusiast would even be aware of these differences. I'd sure like to get the Ferrari lump, stick the Lancia valve covers on it and call it good. I just want to be (reasonably) sure that nobody will object after I go through all the trouble. My question is simply, do you think that using the Ferrari version of the engine would be Ok under rule 10.2 - C - 2 (p. 94) which states:

The engine is unrestricted, but must be derived (at least the engine block) from a product line offered by the manufacturer of the vehicle.

Thanks in advance,

John B.

PS - I know this isn't exactly for the historic class but I thought the question fit better here than the car construction forum.

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>The engine is unrestricted, but must be derived (at least
>the engine block) from a product line offered by the
>manufacturer of the vehicle.

Well, if the blocks are the same between the Lancia and Ferrari versions I don't see a problem. You can change the rest under the rules. I doubt if anyone would be able to tell the difference anyway.

Aren't they all just FIATs after all? :p

(Lancia fan)
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