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I've just gone home to Ottawa, where my Dad has several years worth of issues of Autosport Canada. Tons and tons of rally articles and columns. I'll be scanning them in and will post a link where you can download the PDF's in the next few weeks. In meantime, I thought this was funny/interesting.

Dec. 1980
"Canada's national rally series, which has suffered through a dismal season, is likely to be scrapped at the end of this year. The series, which has run without a sponsor this year, has lacked both entries and promotion, and with no new sponsor waiting in the wings, is almost certain to be discontinued. In fact, several of the leading rallyists in Ontario are already working on the details of a proposed ONTARIO-QUEBEC SERIES, which would undoubtedly include several of the traditional events that have been part of the national program. This proposed new series will apparently be administered by a four-man board of directors, two from each province, and will be operated as a seperate incorporated body. The promoters plan to restrict the series to Canadian competitors only."

And in the same issue, the title for the rallysport column was titled - "WANTED: One benevolent dictator".

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Ken forwarded me your note with the Mtn Trials and PFR jpegs - awesome stuff, keep up the great work! I found it funny that the journalist refered to the "slim entry list" for the 1980 PFR, only to read later that 25 teams showed up!

I used to subscribe to Autosport Canada back in high school (1978-81) and probably read all about the rally scene, only to forgot everything during the past 20 years <sigh>.

I've borrowed a few old issues of Canadian Track & Traffic from the early 1960's through the 1970's. There's sporadic coverage of the Shell 4000, some old BC TSD events and even the Canadian Winter Rally.

Once I get down to scanning I wonder where this stuff could be hosted and what are the copyright implications of posting it to the web..?


Bill Westhead
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