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This is not intended to be as nefarious or SCCA-bashing.

I was just wondering if it is SCCA's policy to be completely open with its membership regarding all of its business or do they admit that some details of their dealings and relationships are private?

I have been involved in organizations that were completely open, ones that are open but didn't tell unless you asked and ones that have to keep some details secret because of the nature of the relationships. I was just wondering which category the SCCA falls into since I have not been a member very long.

Please don't take this topic as opportunity to bash the SCCA.


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Alan, I have gotten private messages from a couple of the Pro Rally Board members and from one person on the SECRET manufacturers council and each has said that they were told explictly not to speak of SCCA policy in public AND NOT to write anything on SS forums.

The lame BS rationalisation given to them was the readers might mistake the opinions of the PRB members for Policy Statements.

It would seem that giving each 2 sign on Names, ie PRB Cheif Kahuna Jon Jonsson might give us a hint that the post was from PRB Member Jon Jonsson, and then a sign on or signature Jon Jonsson Team Herring Choker, Ballard WA, might clue in really sharp eyed readers that Jonsson was writing in his capacity of a fellow competitior.

I personally think that the only way to have any public credibility is active open communication, even if sometimes people get caught up and think the subject under discussion is they themselves.

In short, I think the obvious answer is yes they do have a verbally passed on policy of playing secret games, and have as an institutional thing since I have payed any attention to rally related things for now 20 years.

John Vanlandingham
Seattle, WA. 98168

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As with other public groups such as the Dallas City Council, the SCCA keeps secret matters of a personel nature. Like someone is being fired or how much people are paid. It also keeps secret some things that are a matter legal records such as a payment for a lawsuit. In this latter catagory, accident investigations seem to fall. There are also contractual information that needs to be kept secret such as Hyundai paying more money than Subaru or vice versa. For a more exact explanation, contact your local national Board of Directors member.
Richard Miller
PS: Forgot to add that such matters do show up in the minutes as published in SportsCar.

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As a PRB member I am quite careful not to post anything in a public formum that could be misunderstood as PRB/PRD/SCCA policy... the PRB makes its public statements on SCCA.org

Everything I post here is J.B. Niday's personal opinion.

Please contact a PRB member if you have a question or concern.

J.B. Niday
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