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(Edit: I added links to the pictures.)

I just bought an 81 dodge omni 024 here in colorado from a guy who bought it at an auction. I do know it was used for club rally around 82 - 93. I found a recipt in the car from michigan, and it has a texas sticker in the window. If anyone knows how I can go about tracking this thing down, and finding log books for it, I would be very thankful. I tried to link some pictures but that didnt work so well. If you could help Ill e-mail some pictures to you.


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Finally, a picture! When I saw the IPF sticker and the fact it was red I was pretty certain it was once Zach Thompson's, so I called him at Competition Graphics and he confirmed that it certainly was his old car. You'd have to grill him for more details, but I know there's a picture or two of the car in a soft-cover Direct Connection book on the 2.2 liter 4-banger I have at home. I'll see about scanning those pages for you.

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We bought it from Zack Thompson in early 1985, and told us that Doug Shepherd at one time rallied the car. We earned our pro rally license with this car by finishing the Tulip 200 in 1985. We owned the car for about a year and then sold it to new competitor in Texas. He may have rally the car ounce or twice, then we lost track of it.
As for the log book ? it went with the car.
Your photo is showing those brand new BFG tires used in the Lac Vieux Rally in Northern Michigan Aug. 3, 1985
I would not take off those stickers if I were you, they are priceless!
and with a lot of history behind them.

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