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Time has come to get rid of these. Been running them since 2012 with excellent results. Put about 60k km on them since I got them. Unknown mileage prior to that.

5x100 impreza fitment, 93-07 imprezas (exc 05-07sti) and most foresters

DMS 50mm Gravel spec coilovers (old version)
Swift front springs with helpers (280lb/in) and 225lb/in dms rear springs
Whiteline com-C front top mounts
group n rear mounts with DMS 02-07 adaptors

the housings were rebuilt by me when I bought them. They need this again or, at the very least, new seals and grease. You can source these parts from DMS or MSI for about 1k total or I can give you the part numbers to get everything you need from motion industries for about $200.

The inserts are not leaking but they have corrosion on the shafts. There is one in particular that has worn through the chrome and will need to be replaced if you want to get lots more mileage. This is about $250 from MSI. Only other problem is one of the damper adjusters doesn't work. I've never felt the need to adjust them as they felt really good as they were. No bent housings like most that get sold!

All that stuff aside, if you wanted to run them as is, you could. THEY STILL DRIVE AMAZING! Would make an excellent spare set for a rally team or you could just run them on the street/track/autox like I did.

SOLD!!! $800obo USD + shipping depending on location. Located in Vancouver, BC.

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