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"L5 into R4...oh...tightens"
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My co-driver borrowed a fuel jug from a team at rally colorado and when he went to return it no one was there. you guys must have been way ahead of on the road. If you're missing a fuel jug, let me know and I'll get it back to you. Thank you to who ever hooked us up with fuel. I hope we gave you cash for the gas, but not sure on that either.

Also, I borrowed a ton of oil and power steering fluid from various teams. I bought a bunch of red line and amsoil and brought it to LSPR but not all the teams from Co were there and I was so busy I barely I had time to put my own oil in the car. If anyone leant me some oil, please let me know. I would't have finished without you guys and want to make it right if I can.

I'm sorry about all the borrowing, its kind of what happens when you have no team and decide to drive out to colorado solo, talk a driver into riding, and see what happens. I'll be better prepared for next season.

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