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Anyone know about the new stage? "Fortier" seems to be a 9km in-out turnaround stage. Or could it be a loop?

Is it part of the old stage "Mulet" or something entirely new?

An hour and half allowed to recce 18km (9+ kilometers in each direction) with two passes is 36km and will cars be traveling in both directions at once?


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I got the following info from the organizer:

Fortier will start at the "same" point as Lac Gagnon,
where we turn left (north) for Lac Gagnon, we go straight
(east) to enter the Fortier stage. It is all new roads.

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Not from the organizer:

I'm guessing that the now 40km version of Duhamel covers the same
first 13k or so from last year, and then where we took a L3- to the
east (joining up with the end of Mulet), we will instead head south
onto 27k (or so) of the Mulet stage (backwards).

Looks like everyone gets to do a lot of new writing.
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