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From wrc.com

"Dauncey in America

Vermont Sportscar, home to the Subaru Rally Team USA, has announced that former Mitsubishi WRT Team Manager Derek Dauncey has signed on to become the team's General Manager. Vermont Sportscar is best known for American drivers Ken Block and Travis Pastrana - both of which participated in this year's recee at the Corona Rally Mexico.

Dauncey spent the majority of his professional career with Mitsubishi, but he has worked with Vermont Sportscar in the past. In 2003, Dauncey worked closely with VS when the team ran Mitsubishi Lancers. "I was very lucky to come out to a selection of US rallies in 2003 and it was very enjoyable to work with VSC, their level of preparation and attitude is world class," said Dauncey. "So I was very happy to be asked back by Lance Smith (VSC Founder and President) to assist in his team's development. The growth of the team since 2003 has been very impressive and their young driver Travis Pastrana represents the future of the sport in America."

The move comes at a time when VS is looking to further Pastrana's future career in the FIA World Rally Championship. The team has made an announcement that they plan to contest several rounds of the Production car World Rally Championship in 2007, but it is still unclear if Pastrana will enter any WRC events this season."

- I do like to see that Ken is listed before Travis early on, I figured from a marketing perspective they would push the Travis machine in every sense, but in one line gave Ken his well earned due in atleast a slight sense.
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