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D-Cel Head and Neck restraint Review

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Hey Folks,
I used the D-Cel device from the company that makes the Hutchens Device ( http://www.hutchensdevice.com/ ) at Maine Forest Rally. We fit it the night before and erred on the side of tighter rather than looser. Once all the straps were tightened per our understanding of the manufacturers directions I could move my head forward about an inch and then the straps started to tighten up, I could probably only tilt my head towards my shoulders slightly, and I could turn my head far enough to just see out the side windows. So if you drop something on the floor you won?t be able to look down and pick it up, nor will you be able to look over your shoulder to back up. With this limited movement I initially thought it might be a problem to race with, but frankly I didn?t even notice I was wearing it after we left service. Entrance and egress from the car was a non-issue as it only attaches to your pelvis. It adds a couple of extra steps when getting ready for a stage, so start 45 seconds earlier and try not to forget all the normal stuff like chin straps. My only negative comment is I got a little discomfort towards the end of the day from the pelvis straps. However, once it is on you can feel how well it supports your head and neck. In short I am very pleased with it and will not race without this or some other head and neck restraint. Call me crazy but I am also looking into the stock car style seats with rib, shoulder, and head restraints (http://www.butlerbuilt.net/index.html, http://www.joieofseat.com/index.htm, http://www.rrpinc.com/ ).

Preston Stempler, #712
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Do you have to use a special helmet for the straps to connect to? What did it cost when all said and done? It sounds like an easy way to ensure neck and back safety.
They recommend full face helmets, but claim that you will still get some side protection with an open face helmet. You simply, yet nervously, drill some holes in your helmet(mine is a bell vortex)to mount the attachment hardware. I think it was about $450 total. Very happy with it.:)
Interesting. I have a couple questions:

Did the tech inspectors have anything to say about the drilled helmet?

Do you have any concerns about potential cracking around the holes in the helmet?
Rallymeiste #96

Well I also used the D-Cell at Maine and here is what I think. One I believe I did not do enough research before purchasing but I now have. I have talked to numerous people with Physics degrees and the problem they see is your spine is designed to absorb the energy from a crash and allowing all your vertibrea to disperse this energy. Also your head and brain need to move at the same rate by limiting your head from moving you now have slowed the skull but not the brain ( much more severe concusion ) and you have generalized the energy to the few upper vertibrea.Which can easly snap the cord. I have no way of determining the right and wrong of this whole issue but I think before I use it again I am going to continue to do more research. In the meantime I have done what team Mitsu and Sub have done and that is side head restraints for both of my seats. I have sat in one and they allow the head to move but not real far. By the way my personal parts were pretty sore after the rally with the D-Cell, maybe a cup

rallymeister Re: Mr Uteck I hope this info is helpfull
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I believe all these devices require drilling holes in the helmet, HANS, Hutchens, and D-Cell. I think the first two are required in NASCAR and F1 so they are drilling thier helmets also. Both companies have done extensive testing on sleds and if you believe what they say, you are much better off with one of these devices than without. Their customer service folks will help you make your decision. I had some very mild chafing on my groin and I think I was bordering on being too tight, however, as I said above I didn't even notice it once we started.
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