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3/14=my 42nd rally anniversary
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For some reason, Bill Cook sent me an email about the challenges facing his Ford-powered Volvo during the opening stages of this year's One Lap of America. Once I read it I found out that SCCA's own CRSM is on his team.

I'll be Hallett Motor Racing Cirsuit west of Tulsa this Thursday to take some pics and offer what assistance I can, so in the meantime, here's the scoop:

"We left for Denver at 5 a.m. Sunday morning. We cruised west across the flat Kansas farmland at 80 miles per hour, stopping only once, for 5 minutes at McDonald's. By 1 p.m. Denver time we were at Four to Go, Inc., a shop specializing in four-wheel-drive vehicles. Doug took us to Western Recycling, a giant auto junkyard with acres of wrecked cars. Sunday is a busy day there, with everyone looking for the right part to keep his old car running. We walked the rows of wrecked cars. Jon searched for a Ford pickup or Explorer that had the correct limited-slip differential that the Ford rear end in our Volvo required. Almost immediately, we found an Explorer with the right differential. Someone had removed the rear cover and pulled out the axles. All Jon had to do to get the part was lever it out with one of the axles. We were ecstatic. We paid $75 cash for the part and went back to Four to Go. By this time, the owner's son and ten-month-old baby had arrived to let us in. We had a full shop with hoist, parts cleaners, everything to do the job.

"Within an hour, Jon and Mike disassembled the car, replaced the limited slip unit with the new used part, and we were ready to rejoin the show. We'd missed the races at Colorado Springs, which my son Benjamin had planned to attend, but we ready for the rest, at Sears Point, Las Vegas, Hallett, OK, and Road America in Wisconsin. We knew we were back as we sped through the night across deserted Wyoming and Nevada. We overhauled one, then several more Lappers who had competed that day in Colorado Springs.
We're not going to win. But then, we never were. In retrospect, we had better luck at the drags than one older competitor who entered his first One Lap in his brand-new Mercedes Benz E55 Kompressor, modified by AMG. The car cost well over $100,000. The racer didn't quite understand how quarter-mile drags are conducted. He crossed the finish line and kept going. He hit the sand trap at the far end at over 100 miles per hour, demolishing his gorgeous maroon E55.

"It's dawn on Monday as I write this. We've crossing Donner Pass into California. We've covered over a thousand miles since we left Denver late yesterday afternoon at an average speed of 77 mph, according to our GPS, including gas and food stops. Cruising at 85-90 in 6th gear, our big Ford engine is turning barely more than 2000 rpm and making more than 18 miles per gallon.

"We're having a fine time, though it's been somewhat stressful. Reviewing my notes, I can understand why Ann once said, "I would pay money to avoid One Lap."


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Let's see if I can fill in some of the blanks. They lost he rear end in Kansas and called Doug Robinson at home on Sat. Doug just happened to be leaving for Rim of the World on sunday morning at 5:30 and stopping in Denver to pick up my car. Thus he had the bright idea to tow their car to denver before picking up my car. Also since Doug and I had already planned to me at his friends shop
4 TO GO it was the perfect place for them to make repairs on the Volvo. Doug donated and hour of his time in Denver and I donated a couple of hours before my flight to LAX. Doug was able to stay o schedule, I made my flight and when I left the boy's were well on their way to being back on the road.

I believe Mike is refering to Mike Hurst as CRSM.

have a great day
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