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There have been several questions recently about the RDG Travel Fund. Below, are the rules for the RDG Travel Fund as posted at CRC-Rally.com.

Firstly, a little background into how we got here. One very important concept we wish to consider is making competitors aware of what their entitlement would be before they enter an event. We have all had the dissatisfying experience of going to an event that advertised a $2,000 Tow Fund ? only to received a cheque in the mail for $80 two weeks after the event. There was no announcement as to the pay out schedule beforehand and the $80 could have been a fair allocation based the travel compared to others ? but the expectation if often much higher.

The other important consideration is to ensure that this fund encourages competitors to travel to more events. At first glance, we looked at rewarding the cross country East-West & West-East travel. Thirty-four competitors made cross country trips in 2003. A simple ?flat rate per trip? would be easy to work with, or a flat rate per ?region to region?. The unfairness of these methods is evident when you try to define ?East? or ?West? and the size of some regions and the actual location of the events. We also considered the previously used radius concept (where you draw several circles on a map around rally HQ and pay out increases as the circles get bigger). This can become unfair when you factor the impact of geography such as driving around large bodies of water or mountains.

We believe the fairest solution is to pay out the travel fund based on actual distance travelled. Obviously, it is not easy to monitor or control the route taken by every competitor and we would have to wait till teams arrive to determine the distance (and thus the advance knowledge of entitlement would be lost). So, we have come up with the following compromise. That is to use an independent source ? Mapquest.com - to determine the driving distance to each event. This is a very widely used mapping tool that everyone should be able to use and accept. The routes proposed between two points often differ from the actual route taken by a rally team when towing but the logic used to determine the routes is consistent and fair. Mapquest routes tend to follow major four lane highways as much as possible. The important thing is that this becomes an acceptable standard for all competitors. To reduce the discrepancy between Mapquest and actually route taken, we have rounded the payout distance to the nearest 100km.

For most teams, the bulk of the expense is towing the competition vehicle. Therefore, the distance between the home-base of the rally car and rally HQ is what is used to calculate payout. The travel fund cheques are made payable to the driver and given out at each event. How you split the funds within your team is your own responsibility.

The sponsors who have put up the money for this travel fund wish to support Canadians and those who support the Canadian championship. Without restrictions, one or two entry from international competitors could exhaust the fund and there would be nothing left for regular competitors in the CRC.

If someone wishes to propose a payout algorithm that satisfies the above criteria and is fair to all entrants, the please send a note to [email protected]. We will consider it for 2005.


Travel Fund: Rules and Regulations

1. The Travel Fund is available to any competitors who are eligible to score points in the CRC (as per the CARS National Rally Regulations).

2. Competitors whose home base is NOT in Canada:
a. - must have entered a previous CRC event in the current or previous championship season.
b. - a maximum distance of 4,000km will be used to determine payout.

3. Factory supported teams are not eligible, however the funds that would be allocated to a factory team will be distributed at year-end to competitors that compete in that brand of vehicle, i.e. privateer Subaru teams will share in the factory Subaru teams travel fund.

4. Competitors must be pre-registered for this program on the crc-rally.com website and enter the event prior to the seeded draw.

5. The eligible distance used in payout calculations is based on the home base of the competitor?s vehicle. The home base must be the location of where the vehicle is normally stored or maintained. For each registered competitor, Rally Development Group (RDG) maintains the right to validate the vehicles home base location.

6. Payout will be determined based on the actual distance of a 'suggested' route between the home base of the Competitor's vehicle and the Rally Headquarters using a web-based mapping tool. (www.mapquest.com). The one-way distance, rounded to the nearest 100km will be used to determine payout.

7. Payout begins when the rounded distance exceeds 500km. Each additional 100km yields $25 in Travel Fund payout. Rally Development Group (RDG) reserves the right to change this rate or calculation.

8. Once registered and validated, the competitor?s home base (for the purpose of calculating payout) will remain the same for the entire 2004 season.

9. Competitors must prominently display Travel Fund program decals on their competition vehicle.

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>9. Competitors must prominently display Travel Fund program
>decals on their competition vehicle.

Now that's a pretty cool idea! :)


(alas, I live in the South. :( )
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