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IT is a lot harder to write the freaking profile survey than I thought it would be.

Here is what I have come up with so far, comments, suggestions, or a general you suck/it sucks will all be welcome....
Depending on the usefulness of comments and feedback there will be a downloadable form on the CRC website by sometime next week (so don't fill this one out yet!).

Driver or Co-driver:
If driver: Rally car (year, model, class):
Team Members (crew, regular co-driver, etc.):

Why do you rally?

What is/are your_____:
Favorite thing about rallying?

Least favorite thing about rallying?

Best result________________:

Worst result_______________:

Noteworthy non-rally accomplishment(s):

Plans for 2008:

Favorite movie:

Favorite quote/saying:

Favorite rally saying/cliché:

Why you are excited about the Colorado Rally Cup?

Who do you think will win the CRC?

Your prediction for your finish in the 2008 CRC:
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