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Thanks Don! Yes! And twice! I was believing I had a touch of death after a year of making consistant finishers DNF, lol...but Chris did a great job keeping it on the road while finishing as high as we could against those WRXs. He took pity on me on Day 1 and let me get my finish, and then turned it up a bit the next day...I didn't do anything...other than the junctions, timing, and low water bridges (although i still screwed one up BIG on Friday) I didn't have to do much of anything...

Hey Jim! I didn't say I was getting CREDIT, I said I LEGALLY got off for a rally :+ (aka didn't call in sick) I just filled out a form saying I was co-driving in the ClubRally National Champ. in MO and my responsibilities required organizing much of the team during the event, keeping the driver on course for two days, working a rally computer, explaining rally to elementary school kids (which was a tad terrifying btw ;-)) , etc. and other slight exaggerations...

Also, when you say "I don't exist" I have reason to be skeptical/think you're a little crazy :p...I did get the timing thing right though! and the second time too...I'll make special note of it in the future.

Looking forward to getting back on the notes.

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