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Wyeth Gubelmann,USA/Therin Pace,USA apparently have finished the Corona Rally Mexico in 8th place overall :) They consistently were in the top ten in stage times except were way off the pace on SS16 (20th) and SS17 (13th). I applaud the effort by the all-american team !! Also, Pat Richard,CAN was having an excellent drive too seemingly always up in the top 6 stage after stage except for the fateful SS20 where he apparently DNF'd due to tranny problems :-( (He held 4th place overall since SS9 even after some LEG1 problems.) Congrats go out to both those teams for heading down south of the border and putting in such respectable drives :D Can't wait to hear some of the details ...

Barry Wargula

(I know this could be in the Mexico forum, but a USA team down there deserves recognition in their home forum too :) )
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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