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Details in the "News Releases" section of this forum.

I, too, would like to offer my congratulations. Like many, I thought "here comes another guy with a buncha money who will probably just crash a lot."

Not so with Doug. He has taken his driving seriously, first taking the Team O'Neil Rally School, then driving conservatively in an attempt to learn and to finish. I have been quite impressed!

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Next year...

I think their plan is to go back out and spank it again... and have a boatload of fun. I can't believe I just met these guys last year... they've become two of my best friends.

Scott has been a huge supporter of the local rally scene for several years. We were all happy to see him finally get a ride!

and WHAT a car!

When Doug said he "jumped into the sport with both feet" that was an understatement. When he crashed at Wild West, I called Parker to see if they were OK, Parker replied that "you know, Doug doesn't do anything in a small way!" Doug is absolutely responsible for my conversion from VW to Subaru.

Finally, and most importantly, both of these gentlemen are examples of competitors who give something back to the sport. We can all learn from their example.

J.B. Niday

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RE: Next year...

Yeah, well I just don't like these two... they bug me...

Laugh, just joking around guys. Congrats on the Rookie award, and more importantly, congrats on being voted by the members of the media as the most improved driver.

When are we going to get together and have you drink from that huge Cup?

Jeff Burmeister
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Aw shucks folks, you're going to make me blush! I'm thrilled about both awards, but only one of them is suitable for beer consumption as Jeff mentioned (although I may need one of those huge, curly straws)! Many thanks to those who have bestowed these honors upon me.

I would like to mention that as far as I came from a wide-eyed, confused newbie, my faithful co-driver Scott advanced right along with me. You can't make the kinds of times we were making without a talented navigator at your side, and he rose to the challenge every time I stepped up the speeds. Even after I rattled him around inside the car during my last, uhm, "learning experience" at Wild West, he immediately said "I'll get back in a car with you any time. I trust you, man!" If that's not believing in someone, I don't know what is.

When I showed up at Tim-O's school before I even had a car, he asked me what my objective was. I told him, "I just don't want to suck". Thanks to his teachings, as well as help from Mark Utecht who even climbed in a car with me way back when (brave, or crazy? You decide!), I at least knew what I was *supposed* to be doing behind the wheel. Many other talented drivers shared their insights with me as well, and took the time to stick their head in the window and make sure we were on-track and OK. To all of those people including the co-drivers who helped bring Scott from a never-been to the level where he can honestly say he has never garnered us one single road point, I want to express a heart felt thank you and say that Scott and I plan on continuing the example you've set for us by helping others out whenever we can.

As for next year, when they finish un-wrinkling my car I'm going to get back in it and keep having fun. I have no desire to chase titles and championships, I just want to drive fast through the woods and continue to challenge myself and enjoy the company of the rest of the outstanding people who make up the rally community. It's a truly unique sport with some truly unique people that I can't do without, and my only regret is that I didn't figure that out sooner.

Thanks again to everyone, and I look forward to seeing you all out in the forests for a long time to come.


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I am a fan of these two guys for certain!

Scott was an original sponsor of our efforts in 1999 when I was wtih Lee and Tamara Shadbolt. I first met him at the dealership in Minneapolis just before Ojibwe and could not believe how nice everyone was. Thanks again Scott for the great experience you helped provide to me that year.

I am also a fan because these guys were able to halt their magnificent roll just a few feet away from my oldest daughter Hilary who was out working a road blockage at Wild West. She came in later to the hotel and could not stop talking about this car roll/wreck that she saw. I was like "yeah, yeah, yeah, all right already." and she continued on in excitement while I somewhat tuned her out (a necessary mother skill) The next morning when I stopped and took a good look at the car in the trailer I was feeling a bit different about the whole thing. Holy Cow Guys!

Congratulations on Rookie of the Year because you truly earned it.

Isn't it going to be a great 2003?~~~! See you all in the woods.

Claire Chizma

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Congratulations Doug & Scott! And Doug, if Scott ever 'chickens-out' on ya about the ride, give me a call and I'll run with you anytime! Seeya in Oregon and Olympia in 2003!

One of the last people ever to ride in the old yellow 88 Subie -- RIP
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