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I spoke with a number of other teams during the race at Laughlin about making a homebrew DVD compiling everyone's in-car footage onto a (or a series of) of DVD(s). I got A LOT of very positive feedback from everyone I spoke to, So here it is...

If you have video from Laughlin 2003 and filmed most/all of your stages, or have some really interesting footage, consider sending it to me...

First off, You can trust me with your footage, and secondly I promise to process the tapes you send and return them to you in a timely fashion. I'll even pay to ship it back to you...

Unfortunately, I only have MiniDV. I can probably track down Digital8 if needed. but miniDV is definitely preferred.

If you send your footage in, I'll Give you a copy of the completed DVD for what it costs me (~about $2.00 per DVD)

Remember, This is a purely NOT FOR PROFIT endeavor. I'm not interested in making any money doing this, it's just for the greater good. I just think it would be very cool to have all the stages on film. (imagine getting to watch the stages in december next year!)

With the digital editing/DVD bit, I think that there is a lot of really neat stuff we can do. Like a menu structure organized by car, and then with a menu to watch each stage recorded for that car.

Add in some Highlights, maybe even 4-at-a-time racing, the fun could go on and on.

If you're interested... Send me an Email Privately

If you have comments, or ideas about a cool DVD feature post it in this thread.

[email protected]
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