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did anyone else find some of the comments on ofpr braodcast entertianing? like rhys talking about rear susp. tuning and prodrive talking about how great hid is cuz it draws so little power and doug havir talking about not over driving cuz crashing is expensive. does anyone think this was some intentional editing or is it just me?

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It certainly is ironic, if nothing else. A new bodyshell and cage should be well under a couple hundred thou in any case. It's the dang WRC style wing that's going to break the budget... :)

Now the debate as to whether or not I was over driving, is another story. I would contend that my lack of experience led me to the wrong conclusion that kissing the bank as I've done hundreds of times in 3rd gear and below was OK to do in 4th gear and above. I didn't realize there was a problem until it was too late. Now of course I know that a touch more left-foot braking for more rotation to slow a bit and keep the back end off the bank at higher speeds is a requirement (hindsight makes it all look so easy). Over driving, lack of experience, bad luck? You make the call, I'll pay the bill, and we'll all wait to see what happens next!

See you in Houghton...


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>Now the debate as to whether or not I was over driving, is
>another story.

If you had won, your judgement would have been said to have been perfect. Crash and every one can tell you that THEY would have done something different. :+ Good luck at LSPR.

Richard Miller
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