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I have a seat in my open light for 100AW. Well appointed car, VERY good and fast crew, very good equipment. I would say my rally skill level is intermediate. Been involved with racing for ten years, and rally / rallycross for two.

Recent events:
Perryville Farm and Forest Rally 2012
PE1 - 3rd overall, fastest AWD. Behind Van Way and Huebbe (my first event)
PE2 - 1st overall. Fastest car overall for the total event.

Sno*Drift 2012
Sno* Regional - 1st in O.L. and third overal

Drift Regional - 3 in O.L. and 9th O.L. (We debeaded a tire with 7 miles to go on a stage, we were running 2nd overall)

If interested, please send me a brief note of recent experience. I am not looking for first-timers, but an intermediate or higher.

Site is not updated from Sno*Drift, but here it is: www.wolfrallyteam.com

I prefer you email me for fastest response.

Thank you!

Rob 'Weirwolf' Weir
[email protected]
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