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Co-drivers one and all,

Please join us for our twelfth free co-driver conference call.

Date: Wednesday Jan 13th
Time: 6 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m. Mountain / 8 p.m. Central / 9 p.m. Eastern

Dial in: (218) 339-4600
Code: 989102#

Please bring up topics specific to the co-driver (e.g. rules, differences in procedure, challenges, driver feedback, event feedback, general thoughts).

Proposed Agenda:

1. Past events debrief:
- Seed 9 Rally (Dec 5)
- Big White Winter Rally (Dec 5)

2. Upcoming events:
- Rally New York (Winter) (Jan 23-24)
- Sno*drift (Jan 29-30)

3. Novice co-driver Q&A session. Passive listeners welcome, however novice co-drivers are actively encouraged to participate and ask questions. Please feel free to ask any questions you want, even if they seem basic

4. New R-A, NASA, CARS rally rule changes for 2010?

5. 2010 rally plans and goals

6. Date for next conference call (tentative Wed Feb 3rd)

Topics we don't discuss due to time limits will be carried forward & added to next conference call's list of agenda items.

Additional co-driver related agenda items welcome. PM me or post in this thread and I'll update the proposed agenda.

Request: Please be considerate i.e. NO calls from noisy places e.g. bars, sports venues etc. as it ruins the call quality for everyone else.

If you can't make it, you can always read the meeting minutes when posted after the call. And if you have questions, feel free to submit them ahead of time, and you can read the responses in the meeting minutes too. Also, please switch fax machines on shared / party lines off.

Please help spread the word. You may learn something here. You may be able to help others learn something here. Whether you already are, or plan to be a co-driver, there's a good chance a great deal of collective wisdom (well, at least, of the rally co-driver variety) can be found here.

P.S. I am unable to participate in the call as I am doing consulting work at the moment until 7 p.m. PST, but will start participating again as soon as my contract ends.

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Co-Driver Conference Call WEDNESDAY

Thanks for putting this all together, Piers.....

I will chair the call as specified. This Wednesday....see Piers' schedule above....

Great stuff coming up in 2010!!! Maybe Alex will stop by and fill us in on all this FORD stuff!!!

Lots of 2WD at Sno*Drift

Anybody know any new rules that effect us (Anders is writing NASA's as I type....haven't seen revisions of R-A yet....Alan going to be on?)

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Anybody know any new rules that effect us (Anders is writing NASA's as I type....haven't seen revisions of R-A yet....Alan going to be on?)
I intended to call in, but I got the date wrong. Today didn't seem like Wed to me for some reason.

The 2010 rulebook is pretty much the 2009 book plus the 2009 bulletins and the changes clearly marked (underlines and strikethroughs), so there shouldn't be any surprises. As noted elsewhere in this thread, the book has been posted to the RA site.

There is already a 2010 technical bulletin, but I don't think it has been posted yet.


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Quick Notes from last night's call...and next call date

Thanks to Piers, we had a framework/agenda to work through....

We had a real honest to goodness novice on from Georgia who will run her first event at Sandblast in Feb.....you go girl!!! And she asked questions!!! Perhaps this new class is brighter than us old-timers who all learned the hard way!

Anders Green was on and gave us the low-down on some NASA rule changes...they are (and I paraphrase and beg his corrections if I've missed something).

1. At NASA events (apparently as in FIA and CARS now?) you will not need to show any insurance papers (rally car, recce car, service vehicles) at registration. You WILL however have to sign a document that says you have all of them....and if you're ever caught without them (or your service crew, or while doing recce)...you're in deep doodoo (DSQ at that event, possible stewards action if you don't have them while dnf'ing an event wrapped around a tree). The Honesty clause. This is so uncommonly simple and makes life SO much easier on everyone in the registration process.

2. At NASA events where notes and/or recce are used....anything goes editing-wise. You can have info from recce, from the 2005 running of the stage, GPS info, topo maps, whatever. They simply will not care how you mark up the notes they sold you or do your own. Wild West appears to be the only rally on the NASA schedule that still runs exclusively on a route book, so watch what you slip in between all the tulips at WW.

NEXT CALL 2/10 after Sno*Drift and SandBlast and Winter RNY.....and Perce Neige
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